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M20779 Analyzing Data with Excel Print

This 3-day instructor led course is intended for anyone responsible for analyzing and reporting data with Microsoft Excel.

Accredited course for Continuing Education of Pedagogical Staff

Course length: 3 days (8:30 - 16:00)

List price: 21 000 CZK (without VAT)

This course has no dates set. If you are interested in setting a new one, please contact

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  • Students will be able to

    • Explore and extend a classic Excel dashboard
    • Explore and extend an Excel data model
    • Pre-format and import a .CSV file
    • Import data from a SQL Server database
    • Import data from a report
    • Create measures using advanced DAX functions
    • Create data visualizations in Excel
    • Create a Power BI dashboard with Excel
  • Course requirements

    • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system
    • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
    • Working knowledge of relational databases
  • This course is intended for

    The course will likely be attended by SQL Server report creators who are interested in alternative methods of presenting data.

  • Literature

    All participants will get original Microsoft student materials.

  • Hardware

    Classrooms are equipped with high-performance computers with Internet access and the possibility of wireless connection.

  • Syllabus

    Module 1: Data Analysis in Excel

    • Lesson 1: Classic Data Analysis with Excel
    • Lesson 2: Excel Pivot Tables
    • Lesson 3: Limitations of Classic Data Analysis
    • Lab: Building a Classic Excel Dashboard

    Module 2: The Excel Data Model 

    • Lesson 1: Using an Excel Data Model
    • Lesson 2: DAX
    • Lab 2: Explore an Excel Data Model

    Module 3: Importing Data from Files

    • Lesson 1: Importing Data into Excel
    • Lesson 2: Shaping and Transforming Data
    • Lesson 3: Loading Data
    • Lab 3: Importing Data from a CSV File

    Module 4: Importing Data from Databases

    • Lesson 1: Available Data Sources
    • Lesson 2: Previewing, Shaping, and Transforming Data
    • Lesson 3: Table Relationships and Hierarchies
    • Lesson 4: Loading Data
    • Lab 4: Import Data from Multiple Sources

    Module 5: Importing Data from Excel Reports 

    • Lesson 1: Importing Data from Excel Reports
    • Lesson 2: Transforming Excel report Data
    • Lab 5: Importing Data from a Report

    Module 6: Creating and Formatting Measures

    • Lesson 1: DAX
    • Lesson 2: Measures
    • Lesson 3: Advanced DAX Functions
    • Lab 6: Creating Measures using Advanced DAX Functions

    Module 7: Visualizing Data in Excel 

    • Lesson 1: Pivot Charts
    • Lesson 2: Cube Functions
    • Lesson 3: Charts for Cube Functions
    • Lab 7: Data Visualization in Excel

    Module 8: Using Excel with Power BI

    • Lesson 1: Power BI
    • Lesson 2: Uploading Excel Data to Power BI
    • Lab 8: Creating a Power BI Dashboard with Excel
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