Terms and conditions

General Business Terms and Conditions of OKsystem a.s.

for purposes of offering and selling products and services to customers through the Training Center
(issued in accordance with Section 1751, para. 1 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended)

1.    Business enterprise offering services and products:

OKsystem a.s., Na Pankráci 125, 140 00 Prague 4; Company ID No.: 27373665, Tax ID No.: CZ27373665

  • OKsystem a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “OKsystem”) is a Czech software company active internationally and operating in the information technologies market since 1990.
  • Among its services, OKsystem operates an authorized Training Center for Cisco, Microsoft, and SUSE Linux products with a history dating to 1991. The company is also an authorized partner of Pearson VUE in testing the knowledge of ICT experts. OKsystem’s Training Center is accredited with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for training in accordance with the Continuing Education of Pedagogical Personnel program and this accreditation is renewed regularly.
  • Contact details: skoleni@oksystem.cz, +420 236 072 251

2.    Customer for a course, test or service:

Every natural person or legal entity expressing interest in an offered course, test or service will complete and submit an application form by means of the registration system or order delivery of a course, test or service by an equivalent binding method.

3.    Description of course, test or service:

  • Open courses are listed regularly and their contents and dates, including additional organizational details, are published HERE.
  • Customized courses are prepared according to specific customer requests as consulted in advance and in such manner that the structure and length of the course are specified as well as the price, place of delivery, date and number of participants. Please contact us.
  • Courses are delivered in both in-person and online formats.
  • Certification tests are being conducted every business day at OKsystem’s Prague headquarters. You may sign up for a test either by sending an order by e-mail to the address skoleni@oksystem.cz or by using the web form at https://www.okskoleni.cz/en/tests/application. Test prices are regulated by the certifying organization. For price information valid through the date of taking the test, please contact us.
  • Other services are understood to mean organizing conferences, lease of space in the OKsystem building premises for conducting conferences, trainings and seminars, and organizing workshops and webinars.

4.    Binding application or order for a course, test or service:

  • One can apply for open courses by means of the online registration system HERE or contact an authorized OKsystem salesperson HERE. In the next step of ordering an open course, it is necessary to state in a note whether the participant is interested in in-person training or in an online-live training variant.
  • Based upon the completed application for a course, test or service, OKsystem will issue an order confirmation, sending it back to the customer electronically.
  • All applications submitted by the customer and confirmed by OKsystem are binding orders.
  • By submitting an application, the customer expresses agreement with the business terms and conditions of OKsystem, a.s. in relation to offering and selling to the customer products and services through the OKsystem Training Center.
  • By submitting an application, the customer declares that he or she fulfils the following conditions as required by OKsystem concerning the applicant for a course, test or service:
    • He or she is entitled to conclude the contract on provision of the course, test or service;
    • Meets the entry requirements placed upon applicants for the selected course, test or service;
    • Has the necessary level of proficiency in the language within which the course, test or service is provided;
    • For online instruction, has the hardware, software and internet connection necessary for participating in the course or webinar;
    • Has electronic mail that is set up and is capable of communicating by means of it with the service provider, especially for reasons of receiving important information, study materials, and other communication connected with conduct of the education;
    • Takes responsibility for damage to health or material damage caused to another training participant or other person present at OKsystem premises at the time of convening the course, test or service, and also takes responsibility for damage to property and equipment of OKsystem that he or she might cause during his or her time spent at OKsystem premises.

5.    Terms of payment:

  • Upon receiving a completed application, OKsystem will send electronically to an address indicated by the customer for a course, test or service:
    • a confirmation of registering his or her interest to participate in the course, test or service, and
    • a request for payment by money transfer with an assigned payment reference number after the course, test or service is completed.
  • If an advance invoice is issued to the customer prior to the course, test or service, he or she is obliged to make the payment to OKsystem’s account no later than the due date stated on the advance invoice. The customer will receive a tax document (invoice) within the time limit determined by law after the payment has been credited to OKsystem’s account.
  • In other cases, OKsystem will issue an invoice to the customer immediately after the course, test or service has been completed, and the customer is obliged to make the payment to OKsystem’s account no later than the due date stated on the invoice.
  • The price of an in-person course includes credits for refreshments of the customer’s choosing and lunch. The price of each course (both in-person and online) includes materials, labs, and a certificate of successful completion.

6.    Cancellation of a course, test or service by the customer:

  • OKsystem accepts all changes or cancellations of a course, test or service orders only in written form (via email).
  • In case of cancelling registration of an ordered course, test or service by the customer earlier than 5 business days prior to the course or test commencing, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • In case of cancelling registration of an ordered course, test or service by the customer within 5 business days (inclusive) prior to the course, test or service commencing, a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the price for the course or test will be charged.
  • An exception is cancelling registration for a course, test or service for compelling reasons preventing the customer or its employee from attending the course or test. In such case, it is necessary to inform OKsystem of this situation as soon as possible by means of a statutory declaration. Depending on possibilities and upon agreement with the customer, the applicant will be assigned to one of other possible dates. Otherwise, a cancellation fee of 100% of the course or service price will be charged.
  • Another option accepted by OKsystem in such situations is to send another person to the course or service, who will announce this fact no later than at the commencement of the course or service.

7.    Absence of the customer from the course, test or service:

In case the customer without previous notification will not attend the ordered course, test or service, OKsystem will send to the email address stated in the customer’s application an invoice in the amount of the full price of the course, test or service, and, in the case of a course, also a handbook for the course.

8.    Change of date for a course, test or service:

OKsystem reserves the right to change the date of a course, test or service. In such cases, OKsystem communicates the change in a timely manner prior to the original date of the course, test or service, or, in very serious cases (e.g. due to illness of the instructor) while the course, test or service is ongoing. If the new date of the course, test or service does not suit the customer, OKsystem will return the payment for the course, test or service to the bank account of the customer (in case of advanced payment), or, if the payment has not yet occurred, will not charge the price of course, test or service.  

9.    Personal data protection:

By this paragraph of the General Business Terms and Conditions, OKsystem informs about the conditions under which personal data of participants in courses, tests or services are processed in OKsystem’s records and data files in accordance with valid legal regulations, in particular the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679). More information HERE.

10.    Cookies:

The specification of processed cookies (i.e., their extent and conditions of their processing) is stated in a separate document accessible via the web page of OKsystem HERE.

You will find the organizational information HERE.

Prague, 1 June 2022