Planning and Administering SharePoint Server


This 5-day instructor-led course provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to plan, design, support and implement SharePoint Server 2019.

Course length: 5 days (8:30 - 16:00)


06/17/2024 - 06/21/2024 Prague cs Free date
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  • Students will be able to

    • Design a SharePoint Topology
    • Plan Security
    • Install and Configure SharePoint Farms
    • Create and Configure Web Applications and Site Collections
    • Create and configure service applications
    • Maintain SharePoint Environment
  • Course requirements

    • Experience with Windows Server
    • Experience with PowerShell
  • This course is intended for

    • This course is intended for IT administrators and developers.
  • Literature

    All participants will get internal OKsystem materials.

  • Hardware

    Classrooms are equipped with high-performance computers with Internet access and the possibility of wireless connection.

  • Syllabus

    Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint Server 2019

    • Lesson: SharePoint Server Overview
    • Lesson: Changes from previous versions
    • Lesson: Preparing to deploy SharePoint Server

    Module 2: Infrastructure design

    • Lesson: Information infrastructure design
    • Lesson: Design of logical infrastructure
    • Lesson: Physical infrastructure design

    Module 3: Installing and configuring SharePoint Server 2019

    • Lesson: Installing SharePoint Server
    • Lesson: SharePoint Server configuration

    Module 4: Creating Web Applications and Site Collections

    • Lesson: Creating and configuring web applications
    • Lesson: Creating and configuring site collections
    • Lesson: Working with content databases
    • Lesson: Edit and set up websites

    Module 5: Planning, deploying and managing service applications

    • Lesson: Introduction and overview of service applications
    • Lesson: Creating and configuring service applications

    Module 6: Permissions, Authentication and Security

    • Lesson: Authentication and authorization in SharePoint Server
    • Lesson: Permissions, users, groups, policies in SharePoint Server
    • Lesson: Anonymous users in SharePoint Server
    • Lesson: Securing SharePoint Server farm

    Module 7: Metadata management

    • Lesson: Managed metadata service
    • Lesson: Manage content types
    • Lesson: Configure and use the managed metadata service

    Module 8: User profiles

    • Lesson: Manage and configure User Profiles
    • Lesson: Data import, user site management, audiences
    • Lesson: Community sites

    Module 9: Enterprise Search

    • Lesson: Search
    • Lesson: Configure and manage Search
    • Lesson: Creating and configuring Search Center
    • Lesson: Configure and optimize Search

    Module 10: BDC and Secure Store

    • Lesson: BDC service
    • Lesson: Set up Secure Store
    • Lesson: External content types

    Module 11: Web Content and Enterprise Content Management

    • Lesson: Content management
    • Lesson: Website management
    • Lesson: eDiscovery
    • Lesson: Data publications, record management, catalog sites

    Module 12: SharePoint Server Monitoring and Management

    • Lesson: SharePoint Server monitoring, logs
    • Lesson: Tuning and optimization
    • Lesson: Troubleshooting
    • Lesson: Backup and recovery

    Module 13: Upgrade to SharePoint Server 2019

    • Lesson: Preparing the environment
    • Lesson: Preparing databases
    • Lesson: Upgrade of services and site collections

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