Microsoft Word – Advanced Course


Two-day course is intended for all common users who have already worked with MS Office Word and would like to extend their basic knowledge. The course focuses on the most common and the most useful functions, which are generally used while working with MS Office. During the course, the tutor is going to point out several interesting parts of settings and tricks that can help the users and these tricks are also going to make the work faster and much more effective.

Participants of the course are going to learn the way how to save their time while formatting either styles that have already existed or creating their own styles. Then, they are going to get to know how to copy these styles among various documents. Moreover, they are also going to make and use document templates, format and create tables.

While working with longer documents, the users are going to profit from footnotes, endnotes, captions of pictures and tables. They are going to make a table of them and a table of contents of a document. They are also going to learn how to number the pages not from the first one or how to change the orientation of certain pages of a document. In the last part of the course, participants are going to acquire the work dealing with review tools and comparing different versions of a certain file.

Course length: 2 days (8:30 - 16:00)


05/23/2024 - 05/24/2024 Prague cs Free date
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  • Students will be able to

    • Create, manage and customize the text styles in Word
    • Create, edit and use document template
    • Insert preformatted text, auto-text – quick parts
    • Advanced table design and table layout options, convert a text to table
    • Create a table of contents and other references (a table of figures, insert citations, footnotes)
    • Split a document into sections by using section breaks – especially use the page numbering and the page orientation on specified pages
    • Use review tools and track changes, while more people work on one document
  • Course requirements

  • This course is intended for

    • The course is intended for all common users who have already worked with MS Office Word and would like to extend their basic knowledge.
  • Literature

    The workbook in English language is included.

  • Hardware

    Spacious classrooms are equipped with premium computers with the access to the Internet, the wireless access included.

  • Syllabus

    Chapter 1: Using formatting tools

    • Keep, copy and delete text formatting
    • Copy format from other documents
    • Tabs and paragraph indentation

    Chapter 2: Using text styles and templates

    • Applying text styles
    • Creating new text styles
    • Modifying styles
    • Copying text styles
    • Creation and usage of document template

    Chapter 3: Constructing content in a document by using the Quick Parts tool

    • Creating and using auto-text
    • Customizing header and footer
    • Modify building blocks

    Chapter 4: Creating and modifying tables

    • Creating, modifying and formatting tables
    • Converting a text to tables, converting a table to a text
    • Sorting the content in a table
    • Defining the header row

    Chapter 5: Applying reference marks and notes

    • Footnotes, endnotes
    • Cross-reference
    • Labelling pictures and objects - caption
    • The table of figures, the table of tables
    • The table of contents

    Chapter 6: Simplifying the use of long documents

    • Find and Replace tool, Go To tool
    • Document sections, inserting section breaks
    • Splitting a text into columns
    • Review tools and track changes

    Chapter 7: Mail merge

    • Envelopes
    • Labels

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