SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Advanced Administration


This 4 day course builds upon the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration course and teaches advanced system administration tasks on SLES.This course helps prepare students for the SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE) in Enterprise Linux (2017 Update) certification exam.

Accredited course for Continuing Education of Pedagogical Staff

Course length: 4 days (8:30 - 16:00)


12/13/2021 - 12/16/2021 Prague cs Free date
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02/14/2022 - 02/17/2022 Prague cs Free date
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04/25/2022 - 04/28/2022 Prague cs Free date
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06/13/2022 - 06/16/2022 Prague cs Free date
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  • Students will be able to

    • Manage system through systemd
    • Configure booting in GRUB2
    • Manage GPT partitions
    • Understand scripting in Bash
    • Set up network and networked storage


  • Course requirements

    • Perform partitioning and file system setup and maintenance
    • Perform system configuration including network setup and user management
    • Manage software packages
    • Work on the command line including file management and text editing

    This knowledge can be gained through the SLE201: SUSE Linux Enterprise Administration Course.

  • This course is intended for

    • The course is designed for those who already have experience with Linux, including general system configuration and using the command line. The course is ideal for those seeking advanced administration skills on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, those who have completed the SLE201: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Administration course and those preparing to take the SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE) in Enterprise Linux (2017 Update) certification exam.
  • Literature

    All participants will get original SUSE materials.

  • Hardware

    Classrooms are equipped with high-performance computers with Internet access and the possibility of wireless connection.

  • Syllabus

    YaST Security Module

    • Understand and use the YaST Security Module

    Backup and Recovery

    • Understand and Use Snapper

    Software Libraries

    • Understand Software Libraries in Linux

    General Server Health

    • Gather Server Health and Performance Information

    Monitoring Overview

    • Monitoring Methodology
    • What are Optimization Tools?
    • The Optimization Process
    • System Optimization Tools

    Control Groups

    • Understand Linux Control Groups


    • Understand SSL/TLS Concepts
    • openSSL


    • Understand GPG Concepts
    • Perform GPG Key Creation and Management
    • Perform GPG Key Distribution

    Shell Scripting

    • Use Basic Script Elements
    • Use Control Structures
    • Read User Input
    • Use Arrays
    • Use Shell Functions
    • Use Command Options in Scripts
    • Test File Types and Compare Values


    • Display Hardware Information
    • Understand Linux Drivers
    • Use Driver Management Utilities

    Advanced Networking

    • Bridges
    • Virtual Ethernet Devices
    • VLANs
    • Network Namespaces
    • Understand Linux Network Namespaces
    • Work with Linux Network Namespaces


    • Understand IPv6
    • Configure IPv6


    • Understand iSCSI Concepts
    • Configure and Manage the LIO iSCSI Target
    • Configure and Manage the iSCSI Initiator


    • Understand MPIO
    • Configure and Manage Device Mapper Multipath I/O


    • Understand PAM
    • Configure PAM


    • Understand SSSD
    • Deploy SSSD


    • Manage RPM Packages
    • Build RPM Packages
    • Understand the RPM spec file
    • Sign RPM Packages with GPG


    • Understand Software Repository Concepts
    • Create a Software Repository with creatrepo
    • Sign RPM-MD Software Repositories
    • Manage Software Repositories with libzypp


    • Understand the Repository Mirroring Tool (RMT)
    • Install and Configure an RMT Server
    • Mirror Software Repositories with RMT
    • Configure SMT Clients

    Salt Overview

    • Install and Configure Salt
    • Understand Execution Modules
    • Understand the Salt State System

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