01/18 2016

Don't let expire your Cisco Learning Credits!

Have you received Cisco Learning Credits for purchasing of Cisco hardware or licenses? Since January 2016 can be Cisco Learning Credits use as one of the payment methods for the authorized courses in OKsystem Training center!

What you should know about a Cisco Learning Credits?

  • Cisco Learning Credits enable your employees to improve their skills and technical competence.
  • Each Learning Credit pays for US$100 of training. E.g. Taking course ICND1 in OKsystem Learning Center costs approx. 10 Cisco Learning Credits. (It depends on actual exchange rates.) If you do not have enough credits, you can purchase missing credits from Cisco.
  • The expiration date for Learning Credits is set at one year from the date they are issued.
  • Cisco Learning Credits are a purchase method for authorized trainings redeemable with Cisco Learning Partners. Authorized Cisco Learning Partners guarantee the quality of trainings, according to Cisco's evaluation requirements.
  • You can easily administrate your Cisco credits on your Cisco account (Learning Credits Management Tool).
  • You can redeem your Cisco credits also for certification exam vouchers. Exam voucher packages are available on Exam Voucher Program.
  • Cisco credits are credited to the user account after payment of the invoice for the delivered equipment.

If you need advice on how to redeem Cisco Learning Credits, contact our salespersons and we will gladly help you. Take advantage of this benefit on courses in OKsystem training center!

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