02/08 2016

Special discount on Microsoft Practice Test! Now only for 790 CZK in package with training.

Do you want to try dry run of official Microsoft test? Do you want to go through all the questions without time pressure? Do you want to get acquainted with questioning environment? OKsystem Training Center offers Practice tests only for 790 CZK without VAT in package with authorized training.

What will you be able to try?

  • Practice test simulates the real test environment, so you will have the opportunity to become familiar with it.
  • Test questions are similar to questions in real test, so you will be able to go through all specifically required knowledge areas.
  • You will see the detailed explanations of right and wrong answers for each question.
  • You will see a detailed report with your results after completing the test. You can find out to which areas you should you should get more focus and which one are easy for you.

Price of Practice Test in package with certification test is CZK 1,390 without VAT.

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