Cyber security for employees

Comprehensive course of Cyber security for employees

The area of cyber security is an increasingly discussed topic that needs to be given more attention today. Loss or steal of internal and sensitive data in a cyber attack can be catastrophic for a company. However, it is possible to eliminate the risks of compromising company data by effective and systematic training of employees.

We offer comprehensive cyber security training, maximally adapted to the individual needs and environment of your company. Our lectures are based on standards and the latest trends in IT security. We will prepare an interactive training according to the internal rules and requirements of your company, including numerous practical examples, and tailored to your employees. The lecturers will acquaint the participants with the most common threats (eg phishing, ransomware, malware, attacks on common users and their passwords) and at the same time will show them how to protect themselves effectively. All performed in an engaging and accessible form.

Course of the educational event:

  • Consultation of our lecturer with a responsible person (security consultant, IT manager, etc.) in your company, during which internal regulations and the most pressing security issues will be addressed. A recommended duration of the consultation is 2 hours.
  • Preparation of training tailored to your company.
  • The training is designed as a workshop, set at the company's address, with a standard time allowance of 2 hours for one trained group (that is maximum 25 people).
  • Feedback reported to the client.

Why to choose a on-site training

The advantage of an on-site training is especially the interactive format, which allows participants to engage actively during the whole session, ask questions, and bring in their own experiences and share them with other participants. A healthy awareness of IT security is inextricably bound to mutual trust between employees and responsible people within a company. During the on-site training, emphasis is put on sharing experiences, therefore personal and informative value is higher than in the case of an online training or virtual training.

Cyber security training for employees will help you meet your legal obligations in accordance with §9 of Decree No. 82/2018 Coll. on cyber security, or obligations arising from your company's certifications.

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Number of groups

1x2 hrs   

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2 hrs   

2 hrs   

4 hrs   

4 hrs   

Preparation of personalized training

Certificate of course completion


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58 000 CZK

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