Fundamentals of SQL Language for Users

SQL-Jazyk 0

This two day training is designed for those who are starting their journey in SQL. It offers an introduction to relational databases as well as writing simple queries. The purpose of this course is to get you familiar with basic knowledge required for constructing SQL queries and is aimed for users who need it for writing uncomplicated SELECT statements and who also want to display and filter data or know how to order it. If any extension of the gained knowledge is required, we offer additional courses Writing Queries Using SQL and Writing Advanced Queries Using SQL.
The course uses Microsoft platform with the Transact-SQL dialect.

Accredited course for Continuing Education of Pedagogical Staff

Course length: 2 days (8:30 - 16:00)


01/24/2023 - 01/25/2023 Prague cs Free date
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03/08/2023 - 03/09/2023 Prague cs Free date
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05/04/2023 - 05/05/2023 Prague cs Free date
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  • Students will be able to

    • Understand the principles of relational databases
    • Construct simple queries in SQL, join tables and filter data
  • Course requirements

    • WIlling to learn something new, gain knowledge about relational databases and the concept of querying data.
  • This course is intended for

    Users who want to learn SQL for basic simple querying, reporting or data analysis.

  • Literature

    All participants will get internal materials.

  • Hardware

    Classrooms are equipped with high-performance computers with Internet access and the possibility of wireless connection.

  • Syllabus

    Module 1: Introduction to SQL and Relational Databases

    • History
    • Relational databases (entities, atributes, relations)
    • Vendors & Tools

    Module 2: Introduction to SQL Language

    • Types of Commands (DML, DDL, DCL)
    • Language Elements (Expressions, Operators, Variables)

    Module 3: Data Types and Built-In Function

    • Data Types
    • Built-In Functions

    Module 4: The SELECT Statemoent

    • Syntax
    • Distinct
    • Aliases

    Module 5: Joining Tables and Sets

    •  JOIN
    • SET Operators (Union, Except, intersect)

    Module 6: Sorting and Ordering Data

    • ORDER BY
    • WHERE

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