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SQL-Jazyk 2 Writing Advanced Queries Using SQL Print

The two-day course aims to acquaint students with SQL. Its content is a description of advanced language syntax, definition of data structures, queries, and data manipulation. It follows the course SQL language.

Accredited course for Continuing Education of Pedagogical Staff

Course length: 2 days (8:30 - 16:00)


Date PlaceLanguagePrice (without VAT)Availability
11/25/2021 - 11/26/2021 Prague cs 11 800 CZK Free date Guaranteed date
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  • Students will be able to

    • Create and use advanced queries in SQL and manipulate with data.
    • Define and work with advanced database objects.
  • Course requirements

    • Refresh, master, and learn new SQL knowledge
  • This course is intended for

    • Database administrators, developers, IT architects
    • Users who will use SQL to query, report and analyze
  • Literature

    All participants will get internal materials.

  • Hardware

    Classrooms are equipped with high-performance computers with Internet access and the possibility of wireless connection.

  • Syllabus

    Module 1: Joining tables

    • JOIN
    • SET operators

    Module 2: Grouping data


    Module 3: Subqueries

    • Scalar
    • Multi-valued
    • Corelated
    • Derived tables

    Module 4: Window functions

    • OVER
    • Offset, aggregated, ranking, distributed functions

    Module 5: CTE

    • CTE
    • Recursive queries

    Module 6: DML, DDL

    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE
    • CREATE
    • ALTER
    • DROP
    • MERGE

    Module 7: Triggers

    • DML Triggers
    • DDL Triggers

    Module 8: Transactions, locks, hints

    • Transactions
    • Locks
    • Hints

    Module 9: FullText

    • Setup FullText
    • FullText functions

    Module 10: Special data types and functions

    • Data types
    • Functions
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