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MSSQL-HA High Availability in SQL Server Print

This 3-day instructor led training course describes the design, implementation and maintaining high availability solutions in MS SQL Server.

Accredited course for Continuing Education of Pedagogical Staff

Course length: 3 days


DatePlaceLanguagePrice (without VAT)Availability
10/21/2019 - 10/23/2019 Prague cs 13 500 CZK Free date
12/16/2019 - 12/18/2019 Prague cs 13 500 CZK Free date
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  • Students will be able to

    • Design High Availability Solutions.
    • Implement Log Shipping and Database Mirroring.
    • Implement Windows Server Clustering.
    • Implement Always On Availability Groups.
    • Replicate Data.
  • Course requirements

    • Basic knowledge of SQL Server, SQL and databases.
    • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • This course is intended for

    IT managers and database administrators, who need to use high availability solutions in MS SQL Server.

  • Literature

    All participants will get internal materials.

  • Hardware

    Classrooms are equipped with performing computers with Internet access, including wireless access.

  • Syllabus

    Module 1: Introduction to High Availability Solutions

    • Lesson: High Availability concepts
    • Lesson: Log Shipping
    • Lesson: Database Mirroring
    • Lesson: Clustering
    • Lesson: Always On High Availability
    • Lesson: Replications
    • Lab: Log Shipping, Database Mirroring

    Module 2: Windows Server Failover Clustering

    • Lesson: Failower Clustering
    • Lesson: Implementation
    • Lesson: Failover
    • Lab: Windows Server Failover Clustering

    Module 3: Always On Availability Groups

    • Lesson: Implementation of Always On Availability Groups
    • Lesson: Failover and Maintaining
    • Lab: Always On Availability Groups

    Module 4: Active Secondary Availability Groups

    • Lesson: Secondary Replicas
    • Lesson: Implementation
    • Lab: Active Secondary Availability Groups

    Module 5: Replicating Data

    • Lesson: Implementation
    • Lesson: Troubleshooting and Maintaining
    • Lab: Replication Data

    Module 6: Maintenance, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Optimizing

    • Lesson: Maintenance, upgrades
    • Lesson: Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Optimizing
    • Lab: Maintenance, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Optimizing
  • Dependencies

    SQL Server

    SQL Server


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