02/08 2016

Special discount on Microsoft Practice Test! Now only for 790 CZK in package with training.

Do you want to try dry run of official Microsoft test? Do you want to go through all the questions without time pressure? Do you want to get acquainted with questioning environment? OKsystem Training Center offers Practice tests only for 790 CZK without VAT in package with authorized training. What will you be able to try? Practice test simulates the real test environment,… Read more

01/28 2016

You don't have to save money in piggy bank to afford IT training. Education subsidies are back.

Thanks to EU Operational Programmes you can get subsidies for your employees trainings. Project “Podpora odborného vzdělávání zaměstnanců” (POVEZ II) offers chance to get subsidy up to 85 percent on the costs of internal or external trainings and salary costs for employee’s time spent on training. Subsidies on trainings can be obtained by businesses in the Czech Republic,… Read more

01/18 2016

Don't let expire your Cisco Learning Credits!

Have you received Cisco Learning Credits for purchasing of Cisco hardware or licenses? Since January 2016 can be Cisco Learning Credits use as one of the payment methods for the authorized courses in OKsystem Training center! What you should know about a Cisco Learning Credits? Cisco Learning Credits… Read more

12/18 2015

Excellent tablets for loyal trainees!

OKsystem training center prepared special offer for frequent trainees. You can get eBook reader PocketBook 626 Touch Lux 3 or 10 percent off the training price as a reward for two ordered five-day trainings. Those who will order four five-days trainings during the first half of the year obtain exquisite tablet Sony Xperia Z4… Read more

11/25 2015

Are you planning to take Microsoft certification exams but you are not sure whether you have sufficient knowledge?

You can get ready for test by Microsoft Official Practice Test bundles provided by MeasureUp. Thirty-day online access allows you to take practice test without any restrictions about number of attempts. Practice tests also include detailed explanations of right and wrong answers. Practice test can be ordered only to certificated Microsoft course or certification exam. OKsystem offers… Read more

10/16 2015

Do you use the SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 effectively? Take courses in OKsystem training center.

OKsystem training center offer four courses focused on administration SUSE Linux Enterprise 12. Course N3124 - SUSE Linux… Read more