97.4% of participants recommend
our courses to other potential customers

After each course, students complete a questionnaire where they evaluate the course, training center, and trainer. We conduct the evaluation in accordance with our quality management system for customer satisfaction. We want to thank everyone who has helped us improve the quality of our courses. We are pleased that the ratings are very good and we will endeavor to continue to live up to our clients’ trust.

“Examples of real use, a personal approach, and an excellent demeanor.”
Martin S.
“A very understandable presentation and a willingness to answer questions.”
Venceslav L.



I work as a system administrator in a container glass factory. Our network technologies are built exclusively on Cisco’s platform, which was one of the reasons why my employer sent me for the ICND1 and ICND2 certified trainings necessary for Cisco CCNA certification.

After thorough consideration, I decided on OKsystem. I had already attended several trainings there and knew the conditions relatively well. Price also played a deciding role, as it was approximately half that of the competition.

As it was a certified training, everyone received original Cisco training material. The trainer’s knowledge displayed a vast expertise and he did not have any trouble answering any of the questions posed during the course. His demeanor was pleasant and when necessary he adjusted the training speed on the go to meet participants’ current needs.

Věroslav Tomášek, Lamal s.r.o, Pertoltice pod Ralskem

I am very satisfied with the training. It helped me grow professionally. I very much liked the organization of your training (magnetic card systems).

“The quality of the course and instructor was much higher than elsewhere.”
Martin R.
“The trainer did all he could to make the course better than it would have been based on the textbook alone.”
David N.


Ing. Pavel Suss, Technical Director, COMIMPEX spol. s r.o.

Our employees were satisfied with the level of the OKsystem training in terms of organization, the method of presenting the covered topics, and the trainer’s level of expertise. We have decided to continue using your educational services and will regularly train our technicians so that they will thrive amid competition and consistently be able to provide our customers with high-level services.

Petra Dytrychová, IT Administrator, Czech General Directorate of Customs

I organize IT training for our employees from the IT and Customs Statistics Department based on demand and need. Our employees have attended OKsystem’s courses for IT professionals several times, including Microsoft Windows Server and Linux training. Our people praise OKsystem’s training for the trainers’ high level of expertise.

Milan Ulej, IT Department Manager, Administration of the National Park and Protected Landscape Area of Šumava

We have had years of very positive experiences with courses organized by OKsystem ever since they began. I have repeatedly attended a number of Novell and Linux trainings. I appreciate in particular the course trainers’ great professionalism and attentiveness together with their extensive knowledge and overview of the developing world of IT. I can recommend courses organized in the nice environment of OKsystem’s training center to anyone interested.

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“There is nothing for me to criticize. I recommend it. A professional approach and helpfulness.”
Lucie U.
“What can I add? – Mr. Hýzler is the reason I attend OKsystem trainings.”
Marian V.

Michal Tomeš, Sales and Marketing Director, Power Systems, s. r. o.

Our employees attended courses in OKsystem’s authorized training center. The professionalism of these courses enables them to keep pace with developments in IT. Our entire company is then guaranteed that it can use IT to manage sales tasks.

Marian Videka, Network Administrator, IT Administrator, MCP, Consulta Invest spol. s r.o.

I have a positive opinion of the training for several reasons. Even though the course was mostly about only theoretical issues, the many examples available provided participants with situations describing how ISA servers are most frequently used in organizations (in addition to basic features, the course emphasized also LAN‐to‐LAN, VPN, application and internet filters, etc.). The course’s greatest advantage, in addition to the very pleasant environment and classroom equipment, was primarily the presenter (Jiří Hýzler), who has very broad experience from both practice and other systems. As I stated in the questionnaire – he is a true professional and I believe that it is people like him, as well as Ing. Ivo Rosol. Csc., who are able to speak about a presented topic in a manner that is easier to digest and more clearly arranged than that found in the Microsoft Official Course books and are also the people who make OKsystem a great company. I would also like to mention the slight diversions and additions during which course participants could add to their knowledge also not from the MOC textbook. The possibility to take the same course again at no charge is truly generous and I consider this fact, just like the possibility to call technical support after completing a course, to be a great plus!

MGR. Pavel Vaníček, IS Consultant, National Training Fund, Prague

I was very satisfied with the training. I selected this course (MPKI) in order to expand my personal skills in using security technologies to include various applications of theoretical knowledge about encryption. The training’s content, form, and overall process exceeded my expectations, particularly because of the trainer’s professionalism and approach.

Jaroslav Krbec, IT Security Architect, ČSOB, a.s., Prague

I consider the PKI training organized by OKsystem to have been very beneficial. It helped me navigate the areas of valid legislation, PKI architecture, and the possibilities of smart card use. PKI implementation within Windows using OKsmart products was also very interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by the vast expertise of the presenting trainer.

Pavel Sobotka, Vocational College and Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering Pilsen

I can personally attest that the trainings organized by OKsystem are excellent. I would most like to highlight the trainer’s expertise and personal approach and the courses’ technical equipment and organization.

Ing. Milan Augusta, IT Manager, PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s.

The trainings’ quality and extent will enable us to use these systems’ functions efficiently and provide modern IT services to the company. With such complex products as the above, it is necessary to have a highly trained team of employees, which the OKsystem courses flawlessly ensure. The trainers’ professionalism and the quality of the technology and environment are at an unusually high level.

Ivo Hanuska, Systems Administrator, HELLA účastenská s.r.o.

Even though many parts of this training would already be known to experienced UNIX and Linux administrators, even I found many beneficial things in this training’s content. Thanks to the trainer’s friendly and very accommodating approach, even my less experienced colleagues managed to become oriented in the covered topic and certainly learned a lot about the training topic. The atmosphere at OKsystem is very pleasant and friendly, and so I would not hesitate to recommend this course (and certainly others) to anyone.

Jan Skořepa

I attended the ICND1 and ICND2 trainings at OKsystem as preparation for CCNA certification. The trainer’s expertise was at a very high level. He could respond to any question without a problem and his entire demeanor was very pleasant. I also have a very positive opinion of the situation where I was the only participant in the ICND2 course and it still took place. I had not experienced such an approach before.
In conclusion, I can only recommend OKsystem and their Cisco courses.

Michael Rossi, OA Kolín

The training was definitely rewarding. The trainer clarified for me many issues from practical use of Linux which I could not have managed myself or would have had to resolve using time-consuming trial and error. I would certainly recommend it to beginning Linux server administrators.

David Šafář, IT Administrator, Karneval Media

The Administering SUSE Enterprise Server training was very rewarding for me. It helped me complete my knowledge of the topic and acquire a great deal of new information. The training was of high quality. The trainer had deep knowledge of the topic and was always willing to help and advise. I was very satisfied with the training.

Ing. Karel Dohnálek, vice-director, Gymnasium and Secondary Vocational School, Moravské Budějovice

The SKSH training was very beneficial and valuable for me and was held in a pleasant environment. It focused on schools’ needs and the theoretical knowledge and practical activities were directed toward acquiring the necessary knowledge. The trainer readily responded to questions and practical suggestions. The training met my expectations and after completing it I am able to implement a web portal into our school’s intranet.

Mgr. Miroslav Vítek, Gymnasium Trutnov, Computer Network Administrator

I regularly choose from the wide range of trainings for which OKsystem received Accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. I use the knowledge acquired during Microsoft Windows Server trainings, to improve the quality of my work at Gymnasium Trutnov. OKsystem trainings are very professional and the training’s high level is further increased by its high-quality trainers and pleasant environment. I am happy to recommend trainings at OKsystem to acquaintances because I know they will also be satisfied.