10/25 2016

Microsoft certification news

Microsoft released innovations in the field of IT certifications. With the introduction of Windows Server 2016 you can earn new certifications MCSA Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016. Five new MCSE certifications were also introduced – four of them focused on IT administrators and one for Business Applications – and one developer certification MCSD. In this article, we will look into the… Read more

09/08 2016

Special offer for Microsoft certification exams candidates – extended to September 30!

Did you ever take a certification exam and failed it by few points?  If it happened to you, you will be probably interested in special discounted packages. The offer is valid until September 30, 2016. You can schedule your last exam up to six months from your pack purchase. Certification Exam + 4 retakes 4.000 CZK… Read more

09/02 2016

Prepare for course with electronic handbook and save the environment

A possibility how we can contribute to the environmental protection is using electronic documents instead of paper documents. Even you have the choice whether to prefer a traditional paper handbook or an electronic handbook for your authorized Microsoft course at our training center. For all SUSE Linux courses and some of the Cisco courses only the electronic version of handbook is… Read more

07/12 2016

Learn administration of PostgreSQL with expert Pavel Stěhule

You have a great opportunity to learn the administration of database PostgreSQL with its developer, Pavel Stěhule. Pavel Stěhule has been collaborating on development of PostgreSQL for many years and now he will share his know-how in the course Administration PostgreSQL. During the three… Read more

07/01 2016

News in Cisco and Linux certification

Cisco certification Some of the Cisco certification exams will be replaced by a new version during the summer. With the new version of the exam will correspond also a new version of the recommended training. Therefore, if you have already completed the training, you should not delay passing certification exam. The changes concern for example the exams required… Read more

06/06 2016

Save on Microsoft certification exams!

Buy a voucher for the exam now and come to take the test during a next twelve months. If you are planning to take Microsoft certification exam during the next twelve months, now is a perfect time to buy a Microsoft Exam Certification Voucher for price CZK 2,600 without VAT. Microsoft will raise prices of all their exams from the middle of July. These vouchers… Read more

06/02 2016

Improve your qualification during summer, we offer trainings with 25% summer discount.

What do the top IT professionals have in common? They never stop working on themselves and that moves them permanently up. Even you can use the summer months which are usually less busy for increasing of your qualification. Order an authorized Linux or Microsoft training with summer discount 25 percent! The offer is valid on Microsoft and Linux… Read more

05/30 2016

New dates and courses available – check it!

You can find new dates of trainings until the end of the year listed in the calendar. Technologies go constantly forward and that is why many new courses are added in our offer, concerned Microsoft as well as Linux. You will be definitely interested if you are upgrading to Windows… Read more

05/13 2016

Last two months! Order training and obtain tablet for your loyality.

You can use the opportunity to get interesting bonus to your training only for last two months! Attendants on two five-day trainings will get eBook reader PocketBook 626 Touch Lux 3. If you attend four five-day trainings we will reward you by tablet Sony Xperia Z4 LTE. The offer is valid only on five-day trainings attended from 1/1/2016 until 30/6/2016.… Read more

02/08 2016

Special discount on Microsoft Practice Test! Now only for 790 CZK in package with training.

Do you want to try dry run of official Microsoft test? Do you want to go through all the questions without time pressure? Do you want to get acquainted with questioning environment? OKsystem Training Center offers Practice tests only for 790 CZK without VAT in package with authorized training. What will you be able to try? Practice test simulates the real test environment,… Read more