06/28 2023

Fresh AI 2023 - Dive into the world of artificial intelligence

We are preparing Fresh AI 2023, a one-day conference where you will get a deep insight into the issue of artificial intelligence from different perspectives. You will gain information in:

  • How legal aspects affect the development of artificial intelligence?
  • How AI is perceived by developers?
  • What is the impact of the latest technological innovations on society?
  • How is it with security?
  • What are the visions for the future?

Leading experts from the Czech Republic will gather to share their knowledge with you. You can look forward to a lecture by Vladimír Hruban from Microsoft, who will talk about Copilot. Tomáš Herceg from RIGANTI will add a developer perspective. Kamil Juřík from Accelapps and others about the currently used tools.

 Add the date 12.10.2023 to your calendar - Fresh AI 2023, OKsystem conference hall, Prague, and follow the newsletter and okskoleni.cz, where you will soon find out more detailed information.

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