04/24 2023

AI for slackers workshop: let machines do the work for you

Kamil Juřík, CEO of Accelapps, will show you at the workshop "AI for slackers" how you can improve your productivity and save time thanks to available AI tools, whether you are an IT professional, developer, manager, project leader or marketing specialist.

He will introduce you to tools – ChatGPT, DALL-E, HeyGen... You will learn how to use them correctly, what scenarios we can solve well with AI right away, what AI is not good for yet, how to ask effective questions and what he personally has proven to work. Play a video invitation with AI.

Keep in mind – AI probably won't replace you just yet, but the person using the AI ​​might. Don't waste time and learn how AI can work for you!

Workshop AI for slackers – 16. 5. or 25. 5. 2023

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